Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Omicron Update

Essentially nothing has changed in terms of our policies and procedures that have been in place for the last 18 months. (all existing parts of the practice patient journey still apply)

There is some updated guidance regarding how patients are triaged for their appointment and are now assigned to a respiratory virus or non respiratory virus treatment pathway.

Symptoms of the new variant include blocked / runny nose, scratchy / sore throat, dry cough, muscle ache and fatigue.  Any patients with these symptoms (and / or existing COVID-19 symptoms) will be asked to reschedule their appointment.

We rely on your honesty to keep us all safe.

Thank you.


Please see the news page for information on Patient Portal and How to Log In to complete your Forms.

We are open again and look forward to seeing you back in the practice.  You can be reassured of our clean and safe environment.  We are available for all private treatment: Urgent and Routine, including our Hygienists.

We have invested in our own PPE to be able to safely provide aerosol generating procedures (AGP).

Your Patient Journey

Please be aware that we are still the same friendly team but your journey through the practice will be slightly different to what you have been used to. This is in order to make things as safe as possible for everyone.

  • Only patients with an appointment will be admitted to the practice so please attend alone. Of course a parent or carer can accompany a child/patient.
  • Please use the toilet before leaving home as our toilet facilities will remain closed to patients.
  • Patients should avoid bringing lots of bags and items with them.
  • Please just arrive at  your appointment time. The practice door will be locked.  Please ring the door bell and a member of staff will admit you.
  • They will ask you questions regarding your COVID status and ask you to use the available hand gel.
  • If you need to make a further appointment, please do this with our receptionist by standing behind the acrylic screen.
  • If payment is required this can be done via our credit card machine, by contactless for under £45 or by using the keypad. This will be sanitised after each use.
  • A member of staff will then escort you out of the practice.

Please also see our patient information on our news page.

Thank you for your understanding as we adapt to our new normal.