Fee Guide

The following guide should help to explain the practice fees:

Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners

We offer monthly payment plans through Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners. These allow our adult patients to pay a regular amount each month to cover the costs of their private dental treatment. This is the best way to pay for your dental care and ensure that you attend regularly.

Full Care Monthly Plan

Our all-inclusive monthly payment plan is based on the principle that most dental patients want to stay healthy but also want to know that if anything goes wrong treatment is available promptly and without significant additional cost, provided in the Edinburgh area by Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners (LIDP).

How does LIDP work?

We assess our patients and divide them into 5 groups depending on the type of treatment they are likely to need. The fee that is paid depends on which group you are in and how often you will need to see the dentist and/or hygienist. Most types of treatment and materials used are included.

Excluded treatments

Fees that are not included are:

  • Laboratory fees.
  • Referral to a specialist either for treatment or investigations.
  • Cosmetic treatments.
  • Any specific treatment fees agreed at the start of the plan.
  • All Dental Implant Treatment and Implant retained Crown

Group dental discounts

Discounts are available for group members where more than one payment is made from the same bank account (e.g family members). This is currently 5% per additional member up to 15% for the group.

Emergency Dental Cover – Dental Emergency and Assistance Scheme (DEAS)

There is a scheme included in the plan to cover some of the costs associated with emergency call out fees, emergency treatment when on holiday or treatment as a result of trauma.

LIDP Fees for 2022

Group A £20.32
Group B £34.77
Group C £47.89
Group D £57.10
Group E £61.36
No additional monthly insurance – now DEAS £0


The dental practice continues to offer NHS treatment ONLY for our existing child patients. Up to the age of 19 while in full time education. This category of patient is currently exempt from NHS charges.

All new Child patients registering with the practice will now been seen on a Private basis. There are two options: paying for treatment as required vs Monthly Child Maintenance Plan.

Child Private Exam £26.00

Child Maintenance Plan from £4.95 per month


Private Dental Treatment

Some patients prefer to pay for each course of dental treatment on a private basis and new patients to the dental practice would normally pay for an initial course of treatment to bring them to dental fitness prior to joining a plan. Modern dentistry now involves a high number of disposable instruments and materials to enable us to reach the highest standards of cross infection control, most of these items are included in your fee – if not they will be clearly itemised.

Private Dental Treatment Fees

How our dental fees are calculated?

Private dental charges at Morningside Drive dental practice are calculated on a time basis. All materials are included, for instance radiographs and all types of filling materials. Where the time of a laboratory technician is necessary a fee will be quoted to include this charge.

Courses of dental treatments will be planned around the number of appointments and the amount of treatment each patient chooses to have done at each visit.

Some more common examples are described below:

New Patient Examination  £72.00

This includes a full oral examination, diagnosis and discussion about a treatment plan.

Regular Visit every 6 months

Visit with the dentist for full oral examination, radiographs and planning of future treatment. £53.00
Visit with the dentist for full oral examination combined with a visit with the dental hygienist for a review of oral hygiene, gum health and professional cleaning. £120.00

Visiting the Dental Hygienist £67.00

Normally a visit to the hygienist will take 30 minutes to include a full assessment of your gum health and a review of your daily oral care routine, followed by a thorough professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth.

Direct Access to the Hygienist  £89.00

If you are not registered with the practice, it is now possible to see our Hygienist without seeing a dentist first.  This is called Direct Access. This 40 minute appointment  includes discussion of your dental needs, initial treatment and instruction on how to maintain your oral health.


These are estimated according to the complexity of the treatment and the materials chosen by the patient and dentist.

Small tooth coloured filling £98.00
Medium tooth coloured filling £147.00
Large tooth coloured filling £196.00

Root Canal Treatment

This form of treatment is estimated according to the number and complexity of the root canals being treated. All instruments used are single use and rotary instruments will be itemised in the fee.

Simple single root From £294.00
Complex multiple roots From £576.00

Treatment for Gum Disease

Full periodontal examination including 6 point chart, bleeding and plaque scores, radiographs and treatment plan. From £147.00
Surgery per quadrant From £294.00
Full mouth disinfection From £196.00

(Specialist referral is an option for more advanced treatment)

Sports Mouthguards

Custom fitted sports mouthguards are available by
prescription from your dentist. They are available in a range of colours and thicknesses.
From £65.00 – 85.00

Treatments to Improve or Enhance the Appearance of Your Teeth and Smile

Tooth Whitening

This is only available on prescription from your dentist and within a course of dental treatment. We now have two options for tooth whitening.  We provide at home bleaching to include a custom fitted bleaching tray and materials.

Upper and Lower Together £300.00
Or Opalescence Go  –  preformed disposable upper and lower trays. Set of 10. £155.00
Composite Bonding From £147.00
Porcelain Veneers From £675.00

Restorative Treatment

Crowns, Onlays and Bridges From £596.00
Dentures From £650.00
Dental Implant and Crown From £2350.00


Many more complex treatments are available and all our dentists are happy to discuss your personal treatment plan and give individual estimates.

All our dentists will recommend that certain treatment plans may require advice or treatment from a specialist – they will be happy to make a referral on your behalf and support you throughout this process.